Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A Time of Gifts for All Seasons

When the Christmas is gone -what then?
The holidays are a time of gifts and sharing time with loved ones.
The time for special foods including Christmas cake, shortbread and all those special holiday foods.

Often we give material gifts, such as a new mixer to our mom or a brand new blouse but this time means a time to those less fortunate. no matter what culture are a time of giving. This is when we want to help others less fortunate. But to me these acts of generosity should be in the everyday, not just at holiday time.

That is one reason why I love Dilmah Tea because every purchase contributes the MJF Charitable Foundation founded by its founder Merrill Fernando. Merrill's plan of  humanitarian assistance had its early beginnings when he was formulating his tea business, it was an idea that "business is a matter of human service". 

Today the foundation is built on that basis and in the process has given back to benefiting the workers in the exploited tea industry. It not only supports widow programs, medical initiatives, prison programs but also to the disabled. It appears where there is need, there is MJF Charitable Foundation. 

So, the next time you shop for tea ask for Dilmah Tea because you will be choosing an ethical tea benefiting humanity- I raise my tea cup to Merrill.

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