Sunday, 10 November 2013


James Norwood Pratt, tea author and tea master on his book tour in Toronto, ” The Ultimate Tea Lover’s Treasury”.

                       Valerie his wife and James Norwood Pratt at T-buds Tea Lounge, Toronto

I asked James-

1) That more people who are older are switching to tea instead of coffee and do you feel there is more variety in tea to interest coffee drinks as well as health reasons for the switch.
"Tea and Time: To judge from my own experience, coffee gradually ceases to be your friend after age 45 or so. You don’t swear off, you just enjoy it less and less and drink tea more. This seems to be the case with lots of people. That tea is healthier and offers wider variety is true also, but a minor factor in the switch I think."

2) What is your favourite tea at this moment?
"Favorite tea? Well we’ve just finished our afternoon Darjeeling (Risheehat Estate 2013 Second Flush Lot # 141) and I’m strongly inclined to make a Phoenix Dancong Fengshuang oolong from the mountain covered with this ancient single-trunk type varietal in Guangdong province, China. When you get a specific craving like that, nothing else will do."

3) You mention tea as a somewhat of a spiritual experience. Would this be similar as to taking “wine as the blood of Christ” in communion or would you describe it as a meditation practice?
"Tea is quiet, and makes a quiet place inside you when you drink it. It gives you pause, you might say, a chance to enter the quiet in your own mind for a moment and just be. It gives the spirit an adjustment, the way a yoga stretch can ease the body, and restores normal, healthy functioning. This is tea’s main value to mental health, I think, and one of our main reasons to love it.”“

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