Monday, 2 December 2013

Tea Explorer Jeff Fuchs

Jeff Fuchs is one of those individuals in a lifetime that stirs up the romance and adventure of the early explorers. Jeff is passionate about the mountains and being fueled by tea.

Jeff's knowledge is extensive and colored with the stories behind the tea especially the trade routes of tea and the old tea explorers. Stories filled with nomads and a lifetime of tea living in remote areas at the edge of the world. It brings tingles down my spine that tea has such a history in men and women's lives, building empires and traveling through exotic lands.

So, when you drink tea it is a quiet reflection of the people, the land and the road traveled to bring you that first sip. No wonder it started as a precious commodity kept under lock and key.

To know the story of tea, is to respect the leaf, the journey and the lives it has touched.

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