Friday, 15 November 2013

Tea & Me

The Love of Tea Best of Drink & Food

During my studies as a certified tea sommelier I found myself being pulled into my other interests related to food. Yes, of course I loved the idea of afternoon tea as a special time for myself or friends to gather, but the allure of experimentation with food was always there.

I started to experiment with food and tea, and how far I could push the envelope of cooking with both. I am also finishing culinary courses I started several decades ago at a culinary school, and I use those days to ponder and create dishes for my own pleasure and palate.

My husband, who is not a food person, surprised me by pushing me to publish as he felt that if he loved the food and drinks as a non-foodie, they would be a hit with others. Other professional chefs I've worked with, have amazed me with the versatility of tea as an ingredient.

Thus was born my decision to share my adventure of food and tea.

Share the love of the tea

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